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This site is intended to act as a launchpad for your information security and security review needs. It covers a variety of solutions and topics, including security risk analysis, information security policies, ISO 17799, business continuity, security audit & data protection legislation.

Hopefully, the following pages will prove to be an invaluable source of information. If, however, you need any further assistance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

security risk analysis Security Risk Analysis

The main portal for the COBRA methodology and product.

Security risk analysis and risk management are fundamental to your security. COBRA is a unique security risk analysis and risk assessment product, enabling all types of organisation to manage risk efficiently and cost effectively. This site details the method in full, explaining how the different COBRA components interact.

computer security policies Information Security Policies

Information security policies are the building blocks for your security.

Whether you want to acquire some pre-written policies, whether you are looking for an effective mechanism to deploy them, or whether you wish to measure and manage compliance, this is the place to start.

iso 17799 ISO 17799

ISO 17799 is constantly growing in importance.

The ISO 17799 Directory is a major source of information, services and tools to help you navigate the minefield.

business continuity Business Continuity

Business continuity and contingency planning are of course a vital activities. However, the creation of a sound business continuity and contingency plan, is a complex undertaking, involving a series of steps. Business Continuity World is designed to guide you through all the necessary steps, helping to ensure that your final plan is sound and works in practise.

data protection act Data Protection Act Compliance

The Data Protection Act 1998 - what it is and how how to achieve full compliance more easily.

internal audit Security Audit

Security audit is an essential requirement of good security... basically, verification that all is sound, and identification of exposures for remedial attention. The Security Audit Shop provides checklists and questionnaires for a range of security audit missions.



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