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The BS7799 Security Standard

The British Standard 7799, BS7799, is the most widely recognised security standard in the world. The last major publication was in May 1999, an edition which included many enhancements and improvements on previous versions. In December 2000 it was republished again, and evolved into ISO17799

BS7799 (ISO17799) is comprehensive in its coverage of security issues. It contains a significant number of control requirements, some extremely complex. Compliance with BS7799 is consequently a far from trivial task, even for the most security conscious of organizations. Full certification can be even more daunting.

It is therefore recommended that BS7799 is approached in a 'step by step' manner. The best starting point is usually an assessment of the current position/situation, followed by identification of what changes are needed for BS7799 compliance. From here, planning and implementing must be rigidly undertaken.

This web site is intended to assist with this process. It will provide further information on the BS7799 standard, as well as suggesting a solution to help guide you to full compliance.

What is BS7799? How is it Organized?

A description of BS7799 and very good starting point for the unfamiliar.

BS7799, BS 7799 Compliance Strategy

How to approach the BS7799 issue from a compliance perspective.

A Recognised and Proven Solution

Details of the acclaimed COBRA methodology and tool (including a downloadable trial copy).

security risk analysis The Risk Dimension

Risk analysis is a fundamental requirement for compliance with BS7799.

information security policies BS7799 and Security Policies

A leading source for comprehensive and BS7799 compliant information security policies.

Hopefully, these pages will prove to be an invaluable source of BS7799 information. If, however, you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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